What better way to get customers involved than through a fun andrewarding game! Not just any game but one that is famous and loved inthe region and on top of that, hosted by the famous Mohammed Al Shihri.

This was a collaborative effort between our team and that ofMS&L, PR arm of Leo Burnett. In less than 8 days, we designed andproduced an interactive numbers game hosted during this year’s GITEX inRiyadh. Every day for five days visitors could win prizes such asipods, mobile phones, laptops, special mobile numbers and the grandprize of SR 5,000. Let us say, this game drew in large crowds!

Our part in all this was the design and development of the Game engine,developed using the latest Adobe Flash and utilizing Action Script 3methods to randomize things like seat selection, pulling questions forXML sheets and placing traps and bonuses here and there for the addedfun factor.

The STC booth was spectacular, we had fun working on this quickproject and are happy to finally see games being used in the KSAAdvertising market!
Intro Screenshot
Random seat selection Screenshot
Question Selection Screenshot
Question Screenshot
Correct anwser Screenshot
Instant prize Screenshot
Mohammed Al Shihri and participant at the event
A Happy winner!
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