Safio Soccer Cup: Online Flash Game

International Nomads came up with a creative concept and direction for the whole game and campaign by breaking boundaries of everything that has been done before: design and game play wise it was catered and customized for the brand and its audiance plus integrating with a comprehensive campaign that included truly engaging rewards method.

Safio Soccer Cup
Online Flash Game
Within 60 Days ofits launch, the Safio Online Soccer cup game achieved an overwhelming responsefrom the kids in the region; the game was played more than 100,000 times andhad more than 15,000 registered users playing the game on a regular basis.
To create loyalty,and to guarantee that a relationship will be developed mutually between thekids and the game from all sides, International Nomads decided on adding extraelements on the pre-game stages in the sense of more interaction and features,like team customization feature where kids will enter to a real locker room andstart creating and customizing their own teams and outfit color, logos, teamname and Player Name giving the kids a feeling of starting on a task thatshould be continued, finished and repeated.
Check it out at: Safio Cup
Main Screen
Login Screen
Game Mode
Prizes & Bonus Redemption
Power Code Entry
Locker Room
Team Customization
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