Another Arabic calligraphy experiment

كل عام والجميع بخير وصحة وهناء
كما يأتي العيد بعد صبر الصوم و يأتي الفرج بعد الشدة
جائت هذه الحروف العربية لتحتفل معكم بعيد الفطر
آملة ان ترسم الابتسامة على كل وجه.

Happy Eid Everyone

KelK used to create the first scratch form of letters and words, then for sure Adobe Illustrator to create the real buzz in the design
picture taken with camera Nikon D90
in UK, East Boldon, Newcastle.
picture taken with camera nikon D90
in UK, East Boldon, Newcastle.
Sketched typography on paper to create accurate harmony
in between letters and flower.

after scanning the sketch, used illustrator
to create the main calligraphy design
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